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Powering the Future

Saras Micro Devices

We are an emerging leader in high performance, package-integrated, power delivery solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced networking devices. We use our expertise and forward thinking to enable a new paradigm in power delivery network design that will allow these and other emerging applications to realize their full potential.

We develop customized, integrated passive modules for enhancing power delivery to high-performance computing devices serving the growing demand for AI, machine learning, and more. Our novel, multi-domain capacitor technology simplifies a currently complex configuration to improve power delivery performance and efficiency.


Emerging technologies like high-performance computing, AI and advanced networking will drive future applications that will generate massive benefits for users, while saving and enriching human lives throughout the world. The ever-growing demand for higher performance, more powerful and more efficient devices is driving the microelectronics industry to re-evaluate how packaging can help these technologies realize their full potential.