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Saras Micro Devices Selects Technology Manufacturing Site in Arizona

Company innovating next generation of power management for semiconductors


Saras Micro Devices has selected a site in the Price Corridor in Chandler, AZ to build out a manufacturing facility for its advanced power delivery solutions. Saras is collocating with its partner company, Yield Engineering Systems, which recently announced it would lease 123,000 square feet in the area.

Arizona – particularly the Greater Phoenix area – has become a leading and preferred location for the US semiconductor industry. The Greater Phoenix area is home to 22,203 semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing jobs and is the third largest metro area for semiconductor manufacturing employment (Emsi 2021 Q1). In addition, the reliable power grid, proximity to customers, supply chain ecosystem, regional accessibility, industrial infrastructure and competitive operating costs make the Greater Phoenix area extremely strategic for Saras Micro Devices’ manufacturing location.

“The utilization of advanced process technologies to enable leading processors for high-performance compute and artificial intelligence / machine learning applications is fueling demand for a new generation of power delivery solutions,” said Eelco Bergman, Chief Business Officer of Saras. “Our new Chandler, AZ site will support the manufacturing ramp up of Saras’ revolutionary Aluminum Integrated Passive Devices (AIPD™), which deliver significant improvements in power and thermal efficiency, as well as our continued product innovation.”

Chandler has consistently demonstrated positive, effective, professional collaborations with the Saras team.  “We at the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, which is the largest business organization in Chandler representing over 170,000 employees, are honored to welcome Saras Micro Devices and partner company Yield Engineering Systems to the thriving Chandler business community!” said Terri Kimble, Chandler Chamber President and CEO.

The company also has an office in Atlanta, GA that is focused on research and development and is planning to add an office in Cupertino, CA in the future that will be the design center of excellence for the company.  Currently, there are approximately 25 engineers at the Atlanta site focused on research and development. Saras expects the Chandler site to have about 15 full-time employees by the end of 2022, growing to double that number by next summer, and it will continue to grow as more operations and products come online.


About Saras Micro Devices

Saras Micro Devices is designing and fabricating innovative power delivery solutions to revolutionize next generation electronics products. The company’s AIPD™ products provide flexible design solutions across multiple product categories, including high-performance computing (HPC), power products and mobile solutions. Saras is working with customers and partners to deliver 1st generation products in 2024.