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Saras Micro Devices is Powering the Future

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of advanced power delivery solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Meeting Your Power Delivery and Efficiency Challenges

The explosive growth of data is fueling demand for leading-node high-performance computing devices. However, power delivery and efficiency challenges are constraining scaling of processor and accelerator performance to meet this demand.

Our team at Saras Micro Devices is addressing these challenges by transforming the way power is delivered to advanced semiconductor devices to maximize the computing power for cutting-edge applications like high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), 5G networking and more. Formed in 2021 by an impressive team of experienced and well-known advanced packaging experts , we have developed a novel approach for improving power delivery performance that uses 25% less package space, provides clean, stable power, and minimizes power waste to deliver better overall efficiency. Our passive 3D integrated and centralized power delivery module is embedded in the package substrate core to improve per-watt performance and reduce the power path inside a smaller footprint.

When you need packaging expertise to help you reach your power management goals, we’re there to help you power your cutting-edge solutions. We not only understand your manufacturing roadblocks, issues, and frustrations, but we also have a technology that can unleash your device potential and free up space for additional functionality or compute power. You can trust that we’ll do our part to enable greater power efficiency and new possibilities for your devices.


Saras Micro Devices Executive Team

Our executive leadership team brings an unparalleled range of expertise to their roles. A unique confluence of semiconductor packaging and materials expertise, together with vast experience in delivering growth and introducing new technologies to the semiconductor industry, makes us your trusted development partner.

Chief Executive Officer

Joined Saras January 2023

Chief Operating Officer

Joined Saras March 2022

Chief Business Officer

Joined Saras August 2022

Chief Development Officer

Joined Saras January 2023

Chief of Staff

Joined Saras May 2022

Head of People & Culture

Joined Saras June 2023