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Unleashing Next-Generation Device Performance

Emerging Markets Drive Demand for High Performance Computing

The past few years have witnessed an explosion in data-intensive applications. Networking traffic to support mobile applications has increased exponentially, cloud and big data have moved into zettabyte territory, internet of things is rapidly approaching 50 billion connected devices, and autonomous driving is just around the corner. These disparate markets have the same needs: transfer and storage of massive amounts of data. And this is driving the scale-up of computing and networking infrastructure, rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and distributed computing – in the cloud/data center, at the edge, or at the client device.

Power Delivery Challenges of Next-Generation Devices

Decreasing voltages, increasing current, and rising operating frequencies are driving the need for a new class of power delivery solutions that are efficient, miniaturized and provide high-voltage/low-current power delivery to optimize the performance of tomorrow’s data-hungry applications.

Some of the physical and functional challenges that must be addressed include:

  • Higher interconnect density
  • More power rails per packaging
  • Increased routing losses (I2R)
  • Rising switching current (500-1000A +)
  • Higher operating frequencies
  • Increased power density
  • Greater sensitivity to noise and jitter
  • Reduced operating voltages (< 0.8V)

Powering the Future of Advanced Computing Technology

Because tomorrow’s semiconductor devices need more useable power to achieve their full computing potential, we’ve developed a novel solution to provide that power while solving the delivery challenges cited. The key to our approach: unlock greater efficiency in power management and usage. By reducing the need for significant numbers of surface-mount components in the power delivery structure on the chip side of the package, we shorten the power pathway and improve per-watt performance in a smaller, cost-effective footprint within the package. This maximizes the power available to the device and frees up space in your package design for other critical components to help you realize your next-generation package design for advanced computing needs. In short, we deliver the power to help you realize the future of advanced computing technology.

We don’t do this by working in a vacuum. As a trusted extension of your team, we collaborate with you to leverage our STile technology in a customized solution that easily integrates into your current processes. We listen to your challenges and identify your requirements to ensure that we deliver the power delivery source that best meets the needs of your advanced devices.