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Addressing the Power Delivery Network Challenges of Data-Intensive Applications

Power Delivery for Leading-Edge Devices

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm, driving massive investments in data center expansion. However, current power delivery network technology has reached its limit, restricting performance even though the processors and accelerator engines that power these data centers are fabricated using the most advanced microarchitectures and manufacturing process nodes. Faced with rising core counts, reduced operating voltages, higher current flows and adoption of chiplet-based architectures, power delivery network designers are being dually challenged by increased power density and reduced availability of passive-component real estate.

As packaging experts in the integrated circuits (IC) world, we understand your power delivery challenges and the technology behind them, and we’ve created a new way to power your innovations. Our unique approach brings you advances in power delivery and efficiency not otherwise possible. As the performance requirements of IC packages continue to increase – placing a premium on efficiency and productivity – we can deliver what you need to succeed.

A New STile for In-Package Power Delivery

The Saras Tile, or STile, offers a new paradigm for in-package power delivery that significantly improves efficiency and performance while freeing up package real estate to enable higher levels of chiplet integration. A multi-domain, substrate-embedded, passive module, STile is designed to support the growing number of power rails within the package. STile enables the move of power regulation from system board to package. 

STile is designed to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of power delivery networks. Its 3D structure provides you with a centralized, vertical power delivery solution where you need it. This novel approach significantly reduces the number of separate components needed while better enabling the most advanced high-power computing and AI applications.

STile Benefits:

  • Function-specific module: superior capacitance density enables fewer total function-specific devices, boosting efficiency
  • Vertical power delivery: embedded functionality in substrate core to minimize power path length and RDL losses
  • Large body capable: custom size and performance designed for integration into any organic substrate regardless of silicon or package size
  • Enables power regulation to move from system board to package: reduces dependency on traditional surface-mount components